Public Adjuster Fees

How much does a public adjuster charge?

A public adjuster is paid a percentage from the home, business, renters, or commercial claim proceeds. A public adjuster will file the claim, develop an estimate of loss or scope of damage, present the claim to the insurance carrier, and negotiating the fair and maximum settlement on the policyholders behalf. Public adjuster fees vary depending on the type of loss and/or the size of the claim. For a large claim, a public adjuster will charge a lower percentage, comparatively a smaller claim will be a higher percentage.

How does a public adjuster get paid?
How does a public adjuster get paid?

When the claim settlement is reached, the public adjuster will take a percentage of the claim. This motivates the public adjuster to maximize the insurance claim and not overlook anything from the loss. Fees vary across the country. Below are some examples of appropriate fees for a public adjuster.

Public adjuster fees for a claim under $10,000.00 can range from 20% – 30%. Whereas a public adjuster may charge 15% – 25% for insurance claims ranging from $10,000.00 – $50,000.00. Claims over $50,000.00 will be charged 15% and under depending on the size and severity of the loss.

These fees may vary and each particular situation will weigh heavily on the percentage a public adjuster charges. For instance, if a policyholder already files a claim and decides to call a public adjuster after the initial offer from the insurance company. A public adjuster fee for this situation will be different than if the public adjuster handles the claim from the beginning.

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